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Volunteer in Ghana

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Volunteers in Ghana have been contributing to constructive and rewarding projects for over 10 years. From teaching in special needs and deaf schools, to setting up awareness programmes within the community, to writing for a local newspaper, volunteers in Ghana are given the chance to experience both the vibrancy and friendliness of a West African nation, whilst being part of a sustainable and worthwhile project at the same time.

Volunteers in Ghana with Projects Abroad have the opportunity to take part in a diverse range of volunteer projects and internships. These include working with children, teaching, building, working as a journalist, sports projects, working in medicine and healthcare, working in veterinary medicine and animal care as well as community-based human rights projects.

With our head office located in the capital city Accra and full-time Projects Abroad staff working in four other regions, volunteers in Ghana are given the assurance that they will be well supported in making their stay as productive as possible.

Like any volunteering project, initiative, creativity, enthusiasm and hard work will be key in creating a rewarding experience and our local staff are there to help and support volunteers with their work every step of the way. 

Since becoming the first West African nation to gain independence in 1957, Ghana is now a model for other countries in the region. However, it is still growing and developing (especially in rural areas) and aspects such as lack of infrastructure, homelessness, unemployment and lack of access to services like schooling and medical aid are still prevalent across the country.

Volunteer in Ghana

Volunteers in Ghana are offered work opportunities in hospitals, orphanages, newspapers, schools, sports clubs, veterinary practices and radio stations around Accra, Ghana’s capital city. We also offer teaching, care and medical volunteer projects based by the ocean in Cape Coast, in the ancient Ashanti capital, Kumasi and in Koforidua, the capital of the Eastern region. The Akuapem Hills, our most rural location in Ghana, hosts further medical, care, community and teaching projects. What’s more, volunteers also have the flexibility to start their project at any time of the year.

While Ghana will feel like a sensory and cultural overload upon arrival, you will soon come to love the welcoming faces of locals, exploring and understanding the vast Ghanaian history and tasting local dishes like banku and fufu.

All our volunteers live in host families, giving you the opportunity to live, eat, drink and sleep like a local, while meeting other volunteers  and making friends from all around the world who are experiencing the same sensations of Ghanaian life as you. There are always volunteers in Ghana so you will always have the ‘volunteer family’ around to help you settle in and make the most of your time.

Volunteers in Ghana can also learn to speak like a true Ghanaian by taking part in language courses where you will learn local dialects such as Twi or Fanti – just two of over 70 local dialects that are spoken in Ghana. You will be able to practise these language skills with your host family and colleagues as well as the friendly faces you meet along the way.

Once a British colony known as the ‘Gold Coast’ and at the centre of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, despite this Ghana is renowned for  the colour, warmth and friendliness of the people which make it an ideal first step into Africa for volunteers of all ages.

This English-speaking nation combines African traditions, British influences and a personal touch of Ghanaian flair making it the perfect introduction to Africa; politically stable, vibrant and with rewarding projects to get involved in.

Exploring and Volunteering in Ghana

As a volunteer you will usually work from Monday-Friday, leaving plenty of time to explore the many interesting sights on the weekends. If you are based in a major city, you can escape by visiting the Kakum rainforest reserve, feeding wild monkeys at The Boebeng Monkey Village, hiking up Wli Waterfalls or elephant watching at Mole National Park. Or, if it’s a beach escape you’re interested in, you can enjoy traditional dances on the white sandy beaches of Ada Foah or eat local meals under the sunset at Elmina.

Volunteering in Ghana

Despite not being well-known for its tourist attractions, many of these secluded little spots will truly surprise you and make you only more tempted to see more!  

Many volunteers also choose to travel to Togo which can be done affordably – if not always quickly – by bus. There are also low-cost airlines which allow you to explore more of the country and region, in a limited amount of time.

Volunteering in Ghana is an incredible experience; from the chance to live like a local and take part in a rewarding project, to the cultural diversity and opportunity to learn from locals and others around the world, this really is an amazing opportunity to travel with purpose and discover a West African gem.