Due to recent instability in Bangladesh, we've decided to delay the launch of our programmes in this country indefinitely.

In the meantime, please consider our exciting and long-established programmes in Sri Lanka and Nepal, or get in touch to find out more about projects we offer in a wide range of other destinations.

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Volunteer in Bangladesh

UPDATE: Bangladesh Programmes Closed until further notice


Volunteer in Bangladesh Fog hangs over the mountains in Sajek Valley, Bangladesh

  • Placement location: Dhaka
  • Project lengths: From 2 weeks
  • Accommodation: Host families
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Bordering India, Bangladesh is home to lush vegetation and nearly fifty wildlife sanctuaries; it is also one of the most populated countries in the world. More than 98% of Bangladeshis speak Bengali, the country’s official language. Although Bangladesh is one of the biggest peacebuilding forces to the United Nations, the country struggles with challenges that include poverty, famine, political issues and urban pollution.

Projects Abroad in Dhaka

A scenic portrait view of a Hindu temple in Bangladesh

Projects Abroad is based in the capital in city of Dhaka, which is also known as the City of Mosques and described as the Venice of the East. Dhaka offers a humid tropic savanna climate and has a lively cultural life. Our volunteers will live with a local host family in Dhaka who will welcome them into their home. Volunteers will experience authentic local life, enjoying traditional meals such as biryani dishes, and integrating with the local community.  

Tourism and travel in Bangladesh

Volunteers living and working in Dhaka will have plenty of opportunity to explore the stunning landscape around them on weekends or after completing their placement.

Some of the top places to travel include the Dhakeshwari Temple, the Star Mosque and the well-known Lalbagh Fort, which was built in 1678 by the Viceroy of Bengal Prince Mohammad Azam. Dhaka has a very rich history and volunteers will be able to learn more about it at the Liberation War Museum and the Bangladesh National Museum.

Projects available in Bangladesh

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