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Conservation and Environment in Costa Rica: Monthly Updates

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Monthly Updates from 2010

Conservation in Costa Rica - Monthly Update December 2010

December is always a month for finishing things off, I think that's true for everyone around the world, we all want things to be done for one year so we can start the new year with no backlog of work still hanging over us from the year that has just passed.

Conservation in Costa Rica - Monthly Update November 2010

As we near the end of the year we are getting increasingly busy working on details for next year's projects and ensuring we get all the information we need for this year to complete the end of year reports.

Conservation in Costa Rica - Monthly Update October 2010

The closer we get to the end of the year the more we are working to get things finished for this year and ready for 2011. Many of the investigation projects we will be continuing in one way or another next year and we will be starting a few new ones too!

Conservation in Costa Rica - Monthly Update September 2010

As I mentioned last month we have been setting up and running a few new projects in Barra Honda over the last few months. Another of these projects is the Intensive Search Project, which is running along-side our three main projects - bat identification, mammal identification and butterfly identification projects.

Conservation in Costa Rica - Monthly Update August 2010

August was another busy month for us here in Costa Rica with another big group of volunteers staying with us for half the month. With lots of work to do in general we kept everyone very busy!

Conservation in Costa Rica - Monthly Update June/July 2010

I'd like to start this update by making a quick apology for not letting you know what we did during June. It has honestly been the busiest time ever here (we have never had so many volunteers). So we have all been super busy!

Conservation in Costa Rica - Monthly Update May 2010

The crazy weather is still with us here in Barra Honda but now we know that it's here we have adapted our routine slightly so that we aren't getting soaked every 5 minutes.

Conservation in Costa Rica - Monthly Update April 2010

April has been a very strange month for us at Barra Honda, the weather suddenly turned on us and for the first time in almost 30 years the wet season came in the last 2 weeks of the month and it hasn't left yet, nor does is look like it will!

Conservation in Costa Rica - Monthly Update March 2010

As with every month so far this year, March has been another brilliant time for us at Barra Honda, we've had many volunteers with us for the last couple of months and we couldn't be happier with them, hard workers, good company and always asking good questions about our time together in Barra Honda, what more could we ask for?

Conservation in Costa Rica - Monthly Update February 2010

Although I am slightly biased to everything that happens in the park, I have to admit that February has probably been the most exciting month ever in the Barra Honda national park. We have had new sightings, new reports, restarted old projects, started new projects and really made huge progress with old projects!

Conservation in Costa Rica - Monthly Update January 2010

After a slow December, January has been such a change for us here at Barra Honda, that we have been rushed off our feet! We always planned that January 2010 would be big time for us, refining many of our investigation projects and starting many more projects around the area.

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