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Volunteer Abroad in Madagascar


While rich in wildlife and biodiversity, Madagascar is also considered one of the least-developed countries in the world, with at least 69% of the population living below the national poverty line. Volunteers have the opportunity to mitigate some of the issues caused by the extensive poverty by helping to improve literacy levels, providing emotional and educational support to children, and aiding conservation in resource-poor areas.

Map of Madagascar Projects

  • Placement location: Andasibe
  • Accommodation: Guesthouse
  • Prices: from Loading...
  • Top places to travel: Mantadia National Park, Tsingy de Bermaraha (a UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Project lengths: From 1 week
  • Languages spoken: Malagasy, French
  • Local greetings Hello: Manao ahoana e
    Thank you: Misaotra betsaka

Many of our placements in Madagascar are understaffed and under-resourced, so volunteer help is greatly appreciated. Our Care and Teaching placements both focus on providing children with much-needed attention and support to facilitate their education and equip them with basic life skills. For our Conservation project, meanwhile, volunteers are essential in helping a local national park carry out surveys and compiling reports.

Whatever your skillset, you’re welcome to join one of our worthwhile programmes in Madagascar. Whether you’re on a gap year, taking a career break or simply looking for a meaningful experience during your holiday, volunteering with Projects Abroad gives you the chance to explore a new culture and destination while helping a local community in their efforts to overcome the effects of poverty.

Living in Madagascar with Projects Abroad

A countryside in Madagascar

Projects Abroad is based in the town of Andasibe, four hours east of the capital, Antananarivo. The town, located next to three conservation areas, has a population of 12,000 people, and is situated near the larger town of Moramanga.

Volunteers will stay at a guesthouse.

Tourism and travel in Madagascar

Located off the east coast of Africa, Madagascar is known for its unique and extraordinary wildlife (including lemurs and chameleons), lush rainforest and extensive coastline. Tourism and agriculture are both major sources of growth.

As a volunteer living and working in Madagascar, you will have plenty of opportunity to explore the unique landscape around you, both at the weekends or after finishing your placement. Indeed, our placements are located very close to some of the best national parks on the island!

Other popular locations to visit include the bustling capital Antananarivo, with its array of markets, restaurants and historic buildings; the striking Avenue of the Baobabs; the Tsingy de Bemaraha reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; and, of course, one of the island’s many beautiful beaches.

Projects available in Madagascar

High School Projects for 15 to 18 year olds available in Madagascar

Christmas Projects in Madagascar


Projects available in Madagascar

High School Projects for 15 to 18 year olds available in Madagascar

Christmas Projects in Madagascar

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