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Value for Money

Volunteer with a monkey in Taricaya, Peru

Volunteering abroad costs money. As an independent provider, Projects Abroad is not bound to governments, religious bodies, or other external organisations for funding, and does not receive external funding. Since it would be counterproductive to make the local community where our volunteers work bear the costs, volunteers are self-funded through the fees for our projects.

We do everything we can to make sure our volunteers get the most value for their money. With volunteering abroad like anything else, you get what you pay for. We are not concerned with being able to say we are the cheapest option and prefer to allocate the necessary resources to ensure our volunteers are always safe, comfortable, and satisfied. At the same time, we are also not the most expensive option just because we could be.

A large proportion of the volunteer fees is spent in the destination country, so as well as the efforts of the volunteers, money is flowing into the community.

This money will be spent on host families, local wages, and in local businesses providing services to Projects Abroad. We also invest existing programmes, seeking to raise the standards and we start new programmes where required such as human rights offices in Ghana, centres for street children in Senegal, summer schools in Fiji, or jungle conservation in Peru.

By choosing Projects Abroad you can be confident you will receive balanced, reliable, expert support, safe and comfortable accommodation immersed in the local community, your on-the-ground expenses will be covered, and most importantly, a job worth doing with many years of experience behind it.

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