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Animal Care in Argentina followed by Conservation in Peru

Parrots cared for by Projects Abroad volunteers at the Conservation project, Taricaya, Peru

If you have a passion for animals, join us on the Animal care programme in Villa Rumpial, Argentina to help local staff run a wildlife sanctuary, followed by animal release and conservation work in the heart of the Amazon jungle, at Taricaya research centre in Peru.

Projects Abroad is based in Puerto Maldonado, Peru, and Cordoba, Argentina

When to go:

Start in September when the winter is ending in Peru and Argentina and days are becoming warm and pleasant.

How long:

We recommend 3 weeks on each project

Programme description:

The Animal Care project in Argentina is great for volunteers seeking practical experience with animals. Interns work in Villa Rumpial, a few hours outside of Cordoba. Interns will be able to work with a variety of animals at the wildlife sanctuary, including pumas, howler monkeys, llamas, guanacos, and many others. As an intern, you will get involved with such tasks as:

Projects Abroad volunteer in Taricaya, Peru constructs an enclosure for rescued circus animals

  • feeding and caring for the animals
  • working in the greenhouse
  • building pens for the animals
  • assisting the local vet during a check-up
  • writing blogs and recording the details of each animal, including needed treatment/age

Interns doing the animal care project will live in a hostel based at the placement, and will have two days off each week to spend as they choose, either exploring the colonial city of Cordoba or the surrounding mountain range, the Sierra Chicas.

Then travel to our Peru Conservation project, where you get to live in the heart of the Amazon rainforest - the world's largest tropical rainforest and a hot spot for biodiversity. Volunteers will live at our Taricaya Lodge and Research Centre. At Taricaya, volunteers help with continuing projects that take a holistic, community-oriented approach to environmental conservation, including:

  • Biodiversity studies/wildlife observations: Volunteers bird watch from canopy platforms throughout the reserve and use motion-sensor cameras. All the information is gathered and processed to better develop conservation tactics.
  • Pilot farm: Volunteers help teach local farmers and children how to farm sustainably. Local sustainable crops include cacao, coffee beans and bananas. This food is also consumed on the reserve.
  • Animal release: This is the first and still the only officially recognised animal release programme in this part of Peru. Hurt or captured animals are rescued, rehabilitated and released back into the wild.

Work begins at sunrise and finishes in the afternoon, with a lunch break in the middle. Weekends are free, and volunteers can either relax at Taricaya or travel to Puerto Maldonado to spend Saturday night in town where there are hot showers, internet cafés and restaurants.

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Animal Care in Argentina for 3 Weeks
Rainforest Conservation in Peru for 3 Weeks
Sub-Total: $8120 – 10%*
Total $7308

Additional costs include flights and visas where applicable. Read more about what's included on our Prices page.

*Explanation of pricing: When you sign up for projects in two or more countries, you will get 10% off each programme fee (except for Language Courses and Add-Ons)

For more information about the pricing for this project and other combined projects, check out our combination pricing page.

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