A gap year volunteer abroad teaches a child the alphabet in Thailand as part of her Childcare Project.

Gap Year Volunteer Programmes Abroad & Work Experience

Gap Year Ideas for Students and Graduates

With Projects Abroad, you can take a gap year trip that helps you fulfill your potential while you explore the world. 

We offer a wide range of options for students and graduates, so we can match a lot of your gap year ideas. Interested in a gap year where you coach football abroad? Eager to use your gap year to add work experience to your CV? Whatever you need for your gap year, we can help make it a reality!


This is what you can expect from our overseas gap year programmes:

  • Work on long-term, sustainable solutions to specific problems and make a real impact
  • Add real-life experience to your CV
  • Get first-hand insight into global challenges facing people today
  • Work closely with local community members and organisations
  • Become more independent


Organising gap year placements  is a speciality of ours, and we offer a hassle-free and completely flexible experience. You can choose:


  • What kind of work you want to do
  • Which country you want to go to
  • How long you want to travel, and your own start dates


You can customise our gap year service programmes and work placements by combining Flexi Trips in different countries


Interested in learning more about how to spend your gap year? Read our popular blog where we talk about the top five things to do on your gap year in 2020. These ideas are also perfect if you want to know more about what to do in a gap year before university!

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Africa’s Big 5 and Wilderness Conservation in Botswana
See this project
  • Price: $3,820 AUD for 1 week
  • Extra Weeks: $595 AUD
  • Start Date: Anytime
  • Minimum Stay: 1 week
  • Age: 16 or over
A picture of a volunteer watching a giraffe whilst on one of our wildlife conservation volunteer opportunities in Kenya.
Giraffe & Lion Conservation in Kenya
See this project
  • Price: $3,545 AUD for 1 week
  • Extra Weeks: $520 AUD
  • Start Date: Anytime
  • Minimum Stay: 1 week
  • Age: 16 or over
A large lemur balancing on a pole in the rainforest spotted by volunteers during their rainforest conservation volunteering in Madagascar with Projects Abroad.
Lemur Research and Protection in Madagascar
See this project
  • Price: $3,820 AUD for 1 week
  • Extra Weeks: $595 AUD
  • Start Date: Anytime
  • Minimum Stay: 1 week
  • Age: 16 or over
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We’d be happy to talk about what would be the best gap year programmes abroad for you. Most of our staff have had gap years themselves, so they’re well placed to answer your questions, big or small.

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Gap Year Ideas: What can I do?

When it comes to gap year volunteer work and internships, we can help you find a project that will help you accomplish what you want to do for your year off.

Here are the trips you can choose from if you want to spend your gap year volunteering abroad:

  • Flexi Trips give you the space to be independent, while still having the support of our staff whenever you need it
  • Team Trips give you the chance to work with a group of people to achieve a specific goal in a shorter period of time
  • Leaning more toward cultural immersion and learning? We also offer a range of gap year language courses.

If you’re under 18 and looking for group gap year programmes, you may be interested in our High School Special Projects. These trips are designed specifically for young students and first-time travellers.

Gap Year Internships

If you want to gain work experience for your gap year, we offer various internships where you can get professional, real-world skills and focus on career development. Choose from gap year internships in areas like Medicine, Law, and Business, and work alongside experts in the field. These programmes are similar to our volunteer projects, in that you can choose from Flexi Trips, Team Trips, High School Specials, etc.

Read a full list of our internships abroad

Students volunteering with Projects Abroad for their gap year help plant mangroves in Fiji, South Pacific.

How to Plan a Gap Year

Planning a gap year doesn’t need to be stressful! We take a hassle-free approach to our trips, so we’re here to help you take care of all the details. We also offer a flight booking service.

Many of our staff members have taken gap years themselves, and they’ll be able to help you plan a trip that matches your interests and goals. Speak to a Project Expert today to learn more about our volunteer opportunities for gap year students. 



Benefits of Taking a Year Off after High School

There are numerous benefits from participating in gap year programmes abroad after high school. 

Our gap year opportunities for high school graduates offer you the chance to:

  • Grow personally and professionally
  • Work with diverse groups of people from around the world
  • Add unique and relevant work experience to your CV
  • Develop essential soft skills, like communication and planning
  • Build strong friendships with other volunteers and interns from around the world

You can take the experience you gain from your gap year abroad, and apply it to your studies and future career. It will also help you stand out from the crowd in applications and interviews!

Read more about the benefits of going abroad to see how volunteering during your gap year can help you

Gap Year Volunteer Opportunities: Will I be safe?

Your safety is our primary concern. We won’t send you to a country that’s politically unstable or considered unsafe. In addition, we have dedicated staff in-country who are there to support you 24/7. 

When you arrive in a country to kick-off your gap year, we’ll have staff there to meet you at the airport. We’ll also make sure you get to the airport safely when you fly home or to your next destination. On your first day, you’ll receive a full briefing. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about where you’re living and the work you’ll do.  

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