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Volunteer overseas on worthwhile and sustainable programmesVolunteer Overseas

Gap Year Volunteer Work

A gap year with Projects Abroad gives you the chance to contribute to a worthwhile, sustainable placement while exploring some of the most fascinating countries and cultures from around the world.

We have gap year volunteering programs in 29 developing countries. From teaching English in a remote Ghanaian village, to helping to conserve marine life in Cambodia, from volunteering at a community centre in Sri Lanka to supporting families in Kenya the options are endless. On you gap year you can volunteer at any time – the projects are completely flexible! With a minimum of two or four weeks you have the opportunity to volunteer at any time during your gap year or before uni starts.

When you volunteer with Projects Abroad, you’re making a genuine contribution to the communities where we work. Living with a host family and other volunteers, you have the chance to experience the local culture in a way the ordinary traveller can’t – it’s an amazing experience. 

Download the 2014 Gap Year leaflet here!

Make your gap year a life changing experience

Gap year volunteer India

When you volunteer on your gap year, you open up a world of opportunities for growth and knowledge. Volunteering is challenging: new sights, sounds, smells and responsibilities… every one of our volunteers grows personally from their time abroad, and in different ways. It might be a quiet confidence from your newfound ability to haggle in an African market, or a deepened respect for how other people get by. Volunteering allows you the chance to learn more about yourself and the real world while engaging with disadvantaged communities.

More students are also considering the career benefits of time overseas before they start university. If you are hoping to study medicine, law, journalism, business, nursing or international development, then Projects Abroad can provide an internship which gives you the experience of a lifetime, and improves your chances to get in to your dream course.

Taking the time to live and learn about communities in the developing world is a truly significant step to take and an unbelievable way to spend your first months out of school.

Take the time to browse through the hundreds of different projects on the website, read about what school leavers have done in the past and don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your ideas and plans.

What are you waiting for? Start planning!

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