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Projects Abroad volunteer opportunities in Vietnam sometime include the working in rice fields.

Volunteer Work in Vietnam

Surround yourself with the natural beauty of Vietnam while supporting communities in need

Volunteer in Vietnam to do work that serves communities in need. You’ll become part of our ongoing efforts to support local people, while immersing yourself in a part of Southeast Asian culture. 

We offer several different volunteer opportunities in Vietnam:

  • Build your working knowledge of the medical field on a Medicine or Nursing Project in Hanoi
  • Help young students improve their conversational skills as a volunteer in Vietnam teaching English
  • Work with caregivers and teacher to help kids learn crucial Early Childhood Development skills in childcare centres

Our overseas volunteer projects are a great fit for anyone, from university students interested in volunteer work in Vietnam, to those over 50 keen to do something different over a holiday. 

By volunteering in Vietnam with us, you’ll live and work in the heart of Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital. Hanoi is a large city, filled with tall buildings and busy streets. You’ll navigate your way between thousands of pedestrians and motorcycles. Please note that some of our placements are located in more rural areas outside of Hanoi. 

Whatever voluntary work you choose to do, we encourage you to make the most of living in Southeast Asia. During your free time, explore the city and countryside, eat delicious street foods, and shop at markets.

Your safety is our priority at all times, which is why we have full-time, trained staff to support our volunteers in Vietnam 24/7. They’ll answer any questions you have and will be there to help and guide you. 

In Vietnam, the people are friendly and welcoming, and the country is extremely beautiful. Make the most of your time in Southeast Asia, and see and do as much as possible!

Can I volunteer in Vietnam for free?

A medical volunteer in Vietnam participates in a community healthcare outreach

We’re often asked if it’s possible to volunteer in Vietnam for free. In order to offer a hassle-free, safe experience, with projects built around long-term and sustainable goals, we charge a fee. These fees cover many of the major costs associated with volunteering overseas, such as:

  • Airport transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Three meals a day
  • Transport to and from your placement

Read more about why it costs money to volunteer abroad

To make your dream of volunteering in Vietnam come true, you can take advantage of our flexible payment plans. All you need to do is pay a deposit to book your place, and then pay as much or as little as you like in a series of installments. We’re completely flexible, but the full fee does need to be paid in full before you leave for your project.

We also offer advice and support for fundraising, so you can get the funds you need to go on the volunteer adventure of a lifetime! Our staff and alumni are experts on raising funds.

Can I volunteer in an orphanage in Vietnam?

Two Projects Abroad volunteers in Vietnam help teach kids proper hand washing techniques

In the past, our volunteers have worked with children at orphanages and residential care homes in Vietnam. They’ve done incredible work at these placements, improving living conditions and creating opportunities for children by supporting their education and care.

However, on a global scale, we’ve moved our focus away from orphanages toward community care. Read more about orphanage volunteering and our position on it.

This means that instead of volunteering in an orphanage in Vietnam, our volunteers work in placements like day care centres, kindergartens, and schools. This helps Projects Abroad build stronger relationships with local communities and – most importantly – help families stay together and flourish.

Projects available in Vietnam

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A Projects Abroad Medicine intern listens as a doctor explains the results of an x-ray at a hospital in Vietnam.
Medical Internships in Vietnam
See this project
  • Completely flexible dates
  • Anyone aged 16 or over can join
  • From 2 weeks
  • From $3,365 AUD
An intern gains dental work experience in Vietnam by teaching children how to brush their teeth during an outreach.
Dentistry Internship in Vietnam
See this project
  • Completely flexible dates
  • Anyone aged 16 or over can join
  • From 2 weeks
  • From $3,365 AUD
A female intern is pictured gaining physiotherapy work experience whilst assisting locals affected by Agent Orange during her physiotherapy internship in Vietnam.
Physiotherapy Internship in Vietnam
See this project
  • Completely flexible dates
  • Anyone aged 16 or over can join
  • From 2 weeks
  • From $3,365 AUD
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Where will I volunteer in Vietnam?


As a volunteer in Vietnam, you’ll be based in or around Hanoi, the country’s capital and second largest city. Located in the north of the country, the city’s characterised by busy streets, tall skyscrapers, and rapid urbanisation.The people are warm and welcoming, and you can get to know them while exploring markets and eating delicious street foods like spring rolls.

Vietnam draws hundreds and thousands of tourists to its shores. The breath-taking beauty of Ha Long Way is the nearest coastal attraction, and you can easily visit over a weekend. We also recommend taking a break in the peaceful countryside, where you can watch the sun set over rice paddies.

Airport pickup, flights and visas

When you arrive at your respective airport, a member of Projects Abroad staff will be there to meet you. You can find more detailed information on arrival airports, orientation, and visas on our Vietnam Arrival Procedures page.

Next Steps

Safety and staff support

Your safety and security is our prime concern. We have many procedures and systems to ensure you have the support you need to enjoy your trip with peace of mind. Our Projects Abroad staff are available 24 hours a day to help, and will be on-hand to make sure you settle in well at your accommodation and placement. If you encounter any problems, they will be available to help at any time.

Find out more about safety and backup.

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