A man conducting a wildlife census as part of Projects Abroad's conservation volunteer work abroad.

Conservation Volunteering Abroad

Work on marine, rainforest, wildlife, or environmental conservation around the world

Once you have volunteered on a Projects Abroad Conservation & Environment Project, you’ll never quite see the world in the same way. You’ll experience the extremes of nature while being part of an international team that are bonded by one common goal: to protect our planet for years to come.

Our projects cover an incredible range of environments and species, so you can volunteer on a project that lets you pursue your passions, whether that’s coral reefs or rainforests, elephants, or turtles. Once you know what time of year you can volunteer and where you want to go, we can help you think through what area of conservation to specialise in.

You’ll support real environmentalists and scientists, as well as people from the local community. You’ll also get the chance to develop important skills for working in this field, such open water diving.

The environments you can choose from include rainforests, oceans, mountains, and savannahs. You’ll have the life changing experience of monitoring and protecting these stunning habitats and the species that live there. It’s a safe, sustainable way to learn more about conservation and to protect some of the most vulnerable habitats in the world.

Choose a Conservation Project

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Projects Abroad Conservation volunteers working in the Himayalas take a break from activities in Ghandruk, Nepal.

From $3,090 AUD

Himalayan Conservation Expedition in Nepal
See this project

Live and work in the Himalayas and help preserve and enhance the biodiversity of this renowned area

  • Completely flexible dates
  • Anyone aged 16 or over can join
  • From 2 weeks
A group of sharks pictured by Projects Abroad volunteers whilst diving on their Shark Conservation volunteering project in Fiji.

From $5,015 AUD

Shark Conservation Volunteering in Fiji
See this project

Dive in the stunning waters of the South Pacific and play a vital role in shark conservation efforts

  • Completely flexible dates
  • Anyone aged 16 or over can join
  • From 2 weeks

From $3,820 AUD

Africa’s Big 5 and Wilderness Conservation in Botswana
See this project

Live in a remote part of the Southern African bushveld and join our effort to protect elephants and other local wildlife

  • Completely flexible dates
  • Anyone aged 16 or over can join
  • From 1 week
A large lemur balancing on a pole in the rainforest spotted by volunteers during their rainforest conservation volunteering in Madagascar with Projects Abroad.

From $3,820 AUD

Lemur Research and Protection in Madagascar
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Help protect the diverse, endemic species of lush Madagascan rainforests

  • Completely flexible dates
  • Anyone aged 16 or over can join
  • From 1 week
Alternative schoolies volunteers do conservation work in Thailand

From $2,945 AUD

Alternative Schoolies Volunteer Work in Thailand
See this project

Work alongside other volunteers to conserve the environment and care for children

  • Fixed dates during school holidays
  • This project is only for 15-18 year olds
  • From 2 weeks
Projects Abroad volunteers scaling a canopy walkway during their Conservation volunteering in the Amazon Rainforest in Peru.

From $3,820 AUD

Animal Rehab in the Amazon Rainforest – Peru
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Live in the Amazon Rainforest and help with vital conservation work

  • Completely flexible dates
  • Anyone aged 16 or over can join
  • From 1 week
This image depicts a Projects Abroad volunteer photographing a shark during their marine conservation work in Belize.

From $4,120 AUD

Barrier Reef Conservation in Belize
See this project

Get a PADI diving certification and work with conservationists to protect marine life in the Belize Barrier Reef

  • Completely flexible dates
  • Anyone aged 16 or over can join
  • From 1 week
A volunteer and staff member work together on a reforestation initiative during Conservation volunteering in Costa Rica.

From $3,545 AUD

Birds, Butterflies and Bats Conservation in Costa Rica
See this project

Live in Costa Rica’s dense tropical dry forest and work on the frontlines of conservation

  • Completely flexible dates
  • Anyone aged 16 or over can join
  • From 1 week
New-born turtles make their way to the ocean on a black sand beach after being released by a group of Conservation volunteers.

From $2,200 AUD

Conservation Group Volunteer Trips to Mexico
See this project

Live and work with a group in Mexico and become part of our ongoing efforts to protect endangered sea turtles

  • Fixed dates throughout the year
  • Anyone aged 18 or over can join
  • From 2 weeks
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Can’t find what you’re looking for?

We’d be happy to talk about creating a custom project for you. Most of our staff have been volunteers themselves, so they’re well placed to answer your questions, big or small. 

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Is Conservation volunteering abroad right for me?

Our Conservation & Environment Projects are ideal for volunteers who want carry out fieldwork in fascinating environments.

You’ll be given the relevant training when you arrive, so there’s no need for previous experience, just a passion for conservation. These projects suit anyone interested in the outdoors and species that need protecting. Many of these projects also include educating people in the local area about conservation.

These projects are a good choice if you’re keen to learn new skills like diving or open water swimming. 

Your work may include doing research, collecting data in the field, and assisting with wildlife protection programmes on our wildlife conservation volunteer opportunities.

If you’re interested in animals, but feel a Conservation & Environment Project isn’t right for you, you may be interested in our Veterinary Medicine & Animal Care Projects. Read our full list of projects for volunteering abroad.

Mangrove seedlings being planted as part of conservation volunteer work abroad.

What will I gain from Conservation volunteer work abroad?

By volunteering you’ll give back to a community that needs help while developing your own skills.

Here are just some of the benefits that our previous volunteers talk about:

  • Soft skills like teamwork, communication, leadership, resilience, organising, planning, and time management.
  • Knowledge of practical conservation and environmental sciences.
  • PADI Open Water and scuba diving certificates if working on a Diving & Marine Conservation Project.
  • The ability to work and empathise with people of different cultures and backgrounds, helping to develop a ‘global mindset’.
  • Confidence from pushing past your comfort zone.

All of the above will enhance your CV, UCAS applications, and your personal development.

Why do Conservation volunteer projects abroad matter?

Protecting our planet is more important than ever. As the human population increases, natural habitats and resources are declining. In today’s fast paced society, it’s easy to feel like part of the problem rather than the solution. Now is the time to start making a worthwhile contribution so that future generations can enjoy our planet for years to come.

How are Projects Abroad’s Conservation & Environment Projects different?

At Projects Abroad, our first aim is to benefit the communities and ecosystems we work in. You can be assured that your project is ethical, well supported and part of a better future. Here’s just a few elements of our work that set it apart from other volunteering programmes:

Be fully supported by staff

On these projects, you’ll work alongside members of the local community and Projects Abroad staff. You’ll also be part of a wider network of volunteers. In each project, there is a full-time member of staff who job it is to support our volunteers. They will work with you to make sure you spend your time in a way that genuinely makes impact and brings value to the project you visit.

Recording our work in a secure database

We created a Global Impact Database so we can track the positive impact our projects have. This is a secure and anonymous database that we use to identify specific areas of need. We can also monitor individual projects to track their development.

Projects that have an impact

All our projects are well researched, targeted and sustainable. We aim to make a difference to the local community for the long term.

A group of Projects Abroad Conservation volunteers listen to a staff member explain an activity outdoors at their project.

Our Animal Protection Policy

We take protecting the animals and wildlife we work with very seriously. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive Animal Protection Policy.

 Projects Abroad volunteers work together with our conservation partner organisations to protect the environment.

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