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Conservation in Nepal followed by Conservation in Thailand

Projects Abroad conservation volunteers and staff head to a dive site off the coast of Krabi, Thailand, to conduct fish surveys

Join us in Nepal to preserve local biodiversity and conduct wildlife research in Ghandruk, up in the Annapurna mountain range. Next, travel to Ao Nang, Thailand to live by the ocean and conserve the marine environment by conducting research and salvage dives.

Projects Abroad is based in Kathmandu, Nepal and Ao Nang, Thailand

When to go:

October in Nepal is one of the best times to travel, due to clear skies and lush vegetation. The monsoon season in Thailand ends around October, so November to February is ideal because there are breezes to take the edge off the humidity.

How long:

We recommend spending 4 weeks on each project.

Programme description:

Our Conservation project in Nepal is based in the spectacular Annapurna Mountain range in the Himalayas, where we work closely with a national conservation organisation, the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP). This project in Ghandruk focuses largely on monitoring and studying the interactions between the community and the wildlife. Work includes:

Projects Abroad Himalayan Mountain Conservation project in Nepal

  • Surveying the area for the presence and distribution of mammals and birds
  • Working with the local community on living with the wildlife (leopards and primates specifically) in a symbiotic way
  • Camera trap installation and checking
  • Reptile and amphibian opportunistic searches
  • Nocturnal searches
  • Promoting anti-poaching efforts to ensure the safety of vulnerable species, such as the Sumatran Serow, Common Leopard and the Himalayan Black bear

A minimum of 4 weeks is desirable as it takes 2 days to travel to Ghandruk from Kathmandu. Volunteers work 5-7 hours per day, from Monday through Friday. There may also be occasional full-day or overnight trips to nearby villages to collect data, as well as opportunities to explore the Annapurna mountain range or the historic city of Kathmandu.

Projects Abroad conservation volunteer weighs sea turtle for data collection in Ao Nang, Thailand

Our Diving and Marine Conservation programme in Thailand focuses on local habitat and species conservation. We also conduct research and lead an environmental education project. Through the work our volunteers do, we hope to protect Thailand’s coral reefs, marine eco-systems, and mangrove forests, while helping keep the indigenous fish, animals, and birds that live there from becoming endangered.

Volunteers will learn about and help conserve:

  • Sharks, turtles, rays, sea horses, big schools of colourful fish in the coral reefs
  • Monkeys, lizards, rare river otters, a variety of birds, butterflies and insects from our base camp
  • Tropical coral reef, tropical low-land forest, and lush mangrove forests on ecosystem studies

In their spare time, volunteers can explore the west coast of southern Thailand, known for its dramatic limestone cliffs and diverse snorkeling and diving opportunities.

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Himalayan Mountain Conservation in Nepal for 4 Weeks
Conservation in Thailand for 4 Weeks
Sub-Total: $8935 – 10%*
Total $8042

Additional costs include flights and visas where applicable. Read more about what's included on our Prices page.

*Explanation of pricing: When you sign up for projects in two or more countries, you will get 10% off each programme fee (except for Language Courses and Add-Ons)

For more information about the pricing for this project and other combined projects, check out our combination pricing page.

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