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Volunteer in Bolivia


Volunteers in Bolivia have been contributing to constructive and worthwhile projects for several years with Projects Abroad. Our volunteer work in Bolivia supports numerous worthwhile placements which, while they may be challenging, give volunteers in Bolivia the opportunity to learn about the real world and themselves while making a useful and positive contribution to a worthy community setting.

Volunteer in Bolivia
  • Placement location: Cochabamba
  • Project lengths: From 1 week
  • Accommodation: Host families
  • Languages spoken: Spanish
  • Local greetings Hello: Hola
    Thankyou: Gracias
  • Prices: from Loading...
  • Top places to travel: Uyuni salt flats, Lake Titicaca, Sucre  
Volunteer in Bolivia

Overseas volunteers in Bolivia are given the chance to get involved in a wide range of educational projects and internships. These include working with children on a variety of care projects, including music, equine, and canine therapy, coaching football or volleyball, and medicine and healthcare projects – including dentistry, nursing, and physiotherapy.

Where we are Based in Bolivia

Projects Abroad Bolivia is based in Cochabamba, a town over 2500m above sea level in the central highlands. Cochabamba has been described as having the world’s best climate – dry, warm days and cool nights. This vibrant university town is a magnet to students from all over South America. Living in Cochabamba, you'll have all the benefits of a historic town which has also prospered commercially.

Living in Cochabamba is a great way to improve or discover your linguistic skills. You will stay with a host family in the town, and you can choose to take Spanish lessons before or during your placement. But why not learn some Quechua, too? This language is indigenous to the area and is widely spoken, alongside Spanish, by the locals.

General Information on Bolivia

Volunteering in Bolivia

Landlocked Bolivia occupies the heart of South America. Its attractions include Andean Peaks, tropical Amazonian forests, bustling cities and peaceful traditional communities. Bolivia will give you a real taste of this varied continent, usually a long way off the tourist trail.

Squeezed between five other countries, it’s unsurprising that Bolivia's history is full of border disputes. Consequently, Bolivian culture is a melting pot of Amerindian and European. On any visit to Bolivia you will encounter local festivals and activities; people might be throwing water-balloons at each other, or there could be street processions full of colour and vibrancy.

Although in economic terms Bolivia is a poor country, its riches lie in its history, its geographic and cultural diversity and, of course, its people.

Travel and Tourism in Bolivia

When you're not working, Bolivia offers a fantastic selection of places to explore. Cochabamba is a short trip from the National Park of Toro Toro. This primeval environment contains waterfalls, caves, magical landscapes and dinosaur footprints. There are plenty more opportunities in the rest of Bolivia. You can trek in the Andes, relax by the shores of Lake Titicaca, visit volcanoes or salt lakes, or explore the tropical forests of the Amazon Basin, rich with distinctive jungle wildlife.

Projects available in Bolivia

High School Projects for 15 to 18 year olds available in Bolivia


Projects available in Bolivia

High School Projects for 15 to 18 year olds available in Bolivia

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