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Long Term Volunteering Abroad

Long term building volunteers digging the foundations for new earthquake proof classrooms at a primary school in Nepal

We believe that long term, sustainable projects are the best way forward. As such, we encourage volunteers to stay as long as they can overseas. After all, the longer your stay, the more work you can do and the greater impact you can make.

Projects Abroad have no limit on how long you can volunteer abroad for – you choose the length of stay that best suits your requirements.

Why long term volunteering?

As mentioned, staying for a longer period of time allows you to make a more substantial difference in the communities where we work. In many cases, you will be able to see a specific task through from beginning to end, which is immensely satisfying – such as solving a legal matter or the constructing a building, for instance. Long term volunteering allows you to witness the progress that happens over time. It’s also beneficial for the local communities, as you will adapt to the local way of life, become more adept at your work and really be able to dedicate yourself to the project at hand.

Long term volunteering opportunities abroad

Our Standard and Projects for Professionals placements do not have set dates, and as such volunteers who join these projects can select how long they would like to go for. Whether it’s a Care project in Cambodia helping special needs children with their rehabilitation, or a Conservation placement in Kenya protecting the critically endangered Rothschild’s giraffe, you’ll take part in something that will make a real, tangible difference to someone’s life.

To ensure the work that you do is worthwhile, Projects Abroad creates detailed management plans for our Care, Conservation, Teaching and Medical placements. These are long-term development plans that ensure each programme has a clear purpose. In these, we set out specific goals that we wish to achieve in a particular destination, provide structure to the volunteers’ work and monitor our progress over time.

Only have a short time to volunteer?

Even if you only have a limited amount of time, you can still take part in our volunteering projects, bearing in mind that you will not be able to make as much of an impact as you would if you stayed for longer. All the small daily tasks that you undertake on your placement are an important part of the bigger picture, and work towards achieving progress in the goals we’ve outlined. Furthermore, each person continually builds on the work that was done by previous volunteers.

See our Short Term Volunteering page for more information.

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