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Medical & Healthcare Volunteering Placements Abroad

Medicine in Mexico

Volunteering on a Medical Project in a developing country is an invaluable preparation for a career in Medicine, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Midwifery, Dentistry, Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy. We have placements to suit people of all levels of qualification and experience.

Interns working on a developing world healthcare placement – whether they are students or practicing professionals – will gain a very different perspective on their profession. These programmes are a unique learning experience, as you live and work alongside locals. From rehabilitation centres in Nepal to rural outreach programmes in Ghana or small but busy hospitals in Tanzania; interns are exposed to radically different resources, conditions and techniques, and learn firsthand how to thrive in a challenging setting.

With medical, nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy, dentistry, nutrition and public health placements available, interns and volunteers with the right approach can become a useful member of the local team – offering a valuable contribution, whilst gaining invaluable experience.

We work with a huge variety of settings which offer opportunities for volunteers and interns at all stages of their studies or career.

Interested in doing your medical elective overseas? Contact us for more information. Elective options include Medicine, Nursing, Midwifery, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Pharmacy.

Support throughout your Voluntary Medical & Healthcare Placement

All placements will receive the same unrivalled support from our staff in your home and destination countries. We will work with you to find a placement that suits your level of experience. When you arrive at your destination we will meet you from the airport and give you a comprehensive induction of your local area, including meeting your host family and showing you the 'sights and sounds'. Once you start work we will meet regularly with you and your supervisor, and are always available both inside and outside of normal working hours.

How Medicine & Healthcare projects can make a difference

At all of our Medicine & Healthcare Projects, we use a secure and anonymous database to track the medical work that we do throughout the developing world. The database allows staff and volunteers to gather data when we run medical outreaches or health awareness programmes, create patient profiles so we can help and monitor individuals who see us regularly, analyse and report our results, and collect research data and publications related to healthcare issues.

All of these factors will help us achieve the long-term goals set out in our Medicine & Healthcare Management Plans. It will also help us improve the healthcare services we provide and better target the work we do on the ground around the world. For example, if we notice that there are high rates of HIV infections in a community, we can focus on running awareness programmes that raise awareness of the disease and how it’s transmitted.

Amy Campbell, Medicine & Healthcare volunteer in China"I was lucky to have seen some diseases that are no longer prevalent in the western world such as a rheumatic aortic valve. I also observed a heart biopsy, repair of a deficient mitral valve and open heart surgery to repair an overriding aorta caused by the patient’s Marfan’s syndrome; all of which were truly fascinating and will stay with me forever."

Amy Campbell
Medicine & Healthcare volunteer in China

Volunteering on a Medicine & Healthcare project as an Acupuncturist, Dietician, Doctor, Physiotherapist, Nurse, Midwife, Dentist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist or Massage Therapist

There is also scope to volunteer as a professional and put your skills to use. Projects Abroad has a skilled and qualified arm called Projects Abroad PRO. Our main focus is to match your skills with our partner organisation’s needs. Please click here to visit our Projects Abroad PRO website.

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Please choose the area you wish to volunteer in:

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