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Support and Independence, Finding the Right Balance

Taya in Nepal

We value volunteers who use their initiative, who seek to raise the bar and who immerse themselves in the local culture and community.

To do this most effectively, volunteers need scope to use their imagination and determination within a supportive environment.

Between our staff, the host families and other volunteers, we feel we give the people the responsibility and opportunity to excel, while being there when needed.

Unlike some organisations, we don't subcontract the important work of supporting volunteers to ‘partner organisations’; Projects Abroad has dedicated full time staff whose responsibility is solely to the volunteers and the placements. So, from the moment volunteers arrive to when they leave, our staff are always there.

We are proud of the in country support, not just through our local staff, but through the host family networks and the volunteer community.

As people can start placements at any time (and are never alone) there is a body of experience within the volunteer group which is passed on to each new volunteer. Essential skills and information like how to haggle, lesson plans and where to get the best goat stew are passed down from volunteer to volunteer.

We are confident when we say we offer the best support, both before departure and in country, of any international volunteer organisation and that we have found the balance of independence when you want it and help when you need it.

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