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Volunteer in Africa with Projects Abroad

Members of the Maasai tribe in Tanzania herding cattle on the Maasai Community Project, one example of volunteer work in Africa

Volunteering in Africa with Projects Abroad provides an opportunity to discover a hugely diverse continent, whilst contributing to a practical and sustainable project at the same time. Projects Abroad works closely with local NGOs and communities in each destination, ensuring that your contribution as a volunteer is worthwhile and that we are able to reach those who need it most.

Which African Countries Can I Volunteer in?

The first step to volunteering in Africa is to select one of the nine destinations that we send volunteers to. Each country has its own unique culture, history and flair for volunteers to discover and explore. You can choose the destination for your volunteering experience from the following countries:

What Volunteer Projects are available in Africa?

The rich tapestry of Africa makes for an unparalleled travel experience, and provides many exciting projects for volunteers to choose from. You could be helping out in HIV clinics in Ghana, caring for street children in Senegal, working at a conservation park in Kenya or reporting for live TV in Togo.

Small boy smiles at school in his classroom at a Projects Abroad Teaching placement in Tanzania

Click on a project below to see which African destinations they are offered in:

What are the Requirements for Volunteering in Africa?

A Projects Abroad Conservation volunteer in Africa places their hand next to animal tracks in a Botswana game reserve

From school-leavers to retirees, volunteers in Africa can be of any age and of any experience. Whilst there is something for everyone, certain projects and destinations may have their own specific requirements for volunteers, so please be sure to check that you meet these requirements for any project you may be interested in.

If you have any specific requirements or skills for your volunteering experience, please let us know when you apply and we will be sure to take these on board.

Connecting with African Cultures and Communities

When volunteering with Projects Abroad, you will be placed with a host family in your destination of choice. From witnessing cultural traditions, to delighting in the local cuisine, living with a host family gives you the chance to immerse yourself in the culture of your chosen country, and to experience life as a local would. Living with a host family also ensures that you will feel well-supported and looked after throughout your stay. Most host families live very close to your placement, so your journey to work is just a short walk or bus ride away. Many volunteers form strong bonds with their host families and keep in touch for years upon their return home.

A female volunteer in Africa plays a football match at the Projects Abroad Togo Sports project

The people you meet during your overseas placement will undoubtedly become an integral part of your journey. In addition to building connections with locals, many projects will host volunteers from all over the world, allowing you to work alongside fellow international volunteers. Having likeminded people to share your experience with is a highlight for many of our volunteers. We also offer a range of social events and community outreach programmes in each country, which give you the opportunity to connect with other Projects Abroad volunteers, staff and community members.

When you’re not working, there will be time for sightseeing and exploration within your destination. Many volunteers also choose to travel further once their placement is complete, often with new friends that they have made during their time abroad.

A female Projects Abroad medical volunteer in Africa treats an elderly Kenyan woman at a medical outreach centre near Nanuki, Kenya

Safety and Support when Volunteering in Africa

Projects Abroad has offices and local staff in every country that we operate in. We offer 24/7 support in each destination and are available to assist volunteers whenever necessary.

As with any placement, volunteering in an African destination comes with its own challenges. However, we are confident that with the right support, enthusiasm and work ethic, you will find your placement a rewarding and worthwhile experience.

Read more about Projects Abroad Safety and Security.

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