A volunteer from a corporate group trip helps a child wash his hands in Sri Lanka.

Corporate Group Volunteering Trips

Custom Volunteer Group Programmes for Corporations

We run bespoke trips for companies, offering rewarding team-building adventures without the hassle. Whether as a reward for your employees or a way of contributing to your corporate social responsibility, we can tailor a trip for you.

Here are some of our best corporate volunteer trips:

For more insight, check out this video example of a corporate volunteer group in South Africa:

Our Background

Starting in 1992, we began sending people all around the world to leave a positive impact on local communities. In 2011, we started to focus on group trips, working with a wide range of organisations, from universities to girl guides.

We understand that every group is different and will customise a trip according to the needs and wishes of your business.

Why Choose Us for Corporate Volunteering Trips?

We work according to a strong set of values when organising group trips. When booking a corporate volunteer project with us, your trip will be:

  1. Safe: While in destination, you’ll have 24/7 staff support. All of our placements are fully researched, safety audited, and risk assessed in accordance with the British Standard BS8848 for the Adventure Travel Sector. Learn about our safety procedures.
  2. Hassle-Free: You’re busy running a company and want some time off. Let us put together a memorable trip and save you the hassle.  Discover our hassle-free approach.
  3. Impactful: These trips aren’t supposed to be an easy holiday, but rather a volunteer project that leaves a positive impact on both local communities and travellers. Your team will come home feeling proud of the difference they’ve made. Read about our impact.
  4. Flexible: We create bespoke trips according to the unique needs of your company. Let’s discuss where you want to go, how long, and what you want to achieve.

The modern employee doesn’t just go after higher wages. They want to work for a company that is forward-thinking, value-driven, and committed to an environment of teamwork and continual improvement.

By joining group volunteer trips, you help your company stand out as a fantastic place to work. You’ll motivate your employees while leaving a positive impact on the communities you visit.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has evolved over the last 30 years. Companies are taking greater responsibility for their effects on environmental and social wellbeing, with international corporate volunteering being integral to this.

Go beyond simple donations. Launch annual trips for your employees, whether through a lottery, a selection process, or as a reward for your highest achievers. This will result in better company engagement, increased levels of pride and satisfaction, and an overall sense of accomplishment.

What's included?

We provide everything you need to complete your corporate volunteer trip. For a full breakdown of what’s included in the price, check out our price information page.

Our trips will be tailored according to your needs. Not only do we cover your accommodation, meals, and ground transportation, but corporate volunteer groups also receive:

  • Fully organised excursions, tours, and social events
  • A fully customised itinerary
  • An in-depth information pack upon request
  • An online or in-person presentation on the trips we offer
  • A Q&A evening where you can gather even more information
  • A full risk assessment for your trip
  • Support during your application and preparation
  • 24/7 access to staff support while on your trip
  • Advice on how to fundraise
  • Advice on finding your flights
  • An induction day for your team
  • Reflective journals

Our Previous Corporate Volunteer Trips

We’ve worked with a number of businesses and organisations just like yours. Here are some of the corporations who have volunteered abroad with us:

  • The Pearson Foundation
  • SmithCorp
  • Celgene Corporation

Learn what a corporate volunteer trip is like by reading this SmithCorp case study.

How to Get Started

Taking your company overseas is a big decision, but the step-by-step process is simple and hassle-free. Here’s what you need to do next if you think a corporate volunteer trip abroad might be for you.

Next steps:

  1. Contact us to let us know you’re interested.
  2. Talk to us about your needs as a corporation.
  3. On request, we send a proposal and itineraries for your preferred projects.
  4. Submit the simple online application form, paying your $495 deposit.
  5. We help you get everything prepared for travel.
  6. Once it's all paid for, your group heads off on an unforgettable adventure!
  7. Return home with new skills and a stronger team.

What Others Say

"We were very happy with the result of our building work on the trip. We really enjoyed interacting with the kids, getting a section of the site fully completed, and exploring what Kathmandu had to offer. Everyone in the team made a significant contribution on the project and arrived home with memorable experiences to ponder and share.

It was an amazing trip, the children and people were so positive and generous. How they live and get on with life was so inspiring. We don’t know how lucky and fortunate we really are."

- Chris Badcock - Team Leader, SmithCorp Charitable Trust, Nepal 2016

"As soon as I saw the application, I was dying to apply. The twelve of us came together from all over the world; we didn’t know each other before we arrived and we have formed a really unique bond over this project. A lot of us come from first world countries and have never seen this kind of poverty before so a lot of us had a wide variety of emotions when we first arrived. But Dean, our building manager, has been absolutely spectacular at making us all feel so comfortable."

- Carine Kinch – Pearson Education Canada

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